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November 2017

There is some sad news for friends of Andy Weeks who was Dorset Dowser's chief raconteur and photographer, his photographs of orbs are amazing.

Andy passed away on the morning of 23rd November 2017 in his Swanage home.  Andy was a valued dowser and he will be sorely missed. 

​Our thoughts are with Andys family and friends.

From everyone at Dorset Dowsers.


New Dates for 2018

New dates have been added to the calendar, see calendar page for details.

We will announce more details of events a soon as we can.


Field Trips 2018

We have a couple of field trips planned for the summer.

Please check on the calendar page.



 Dear Dorset Dowsers, 

Somerset Dowsers and Devon Dowsers are collaborating to put on a Dowsing Festival in the South West in the  summer of 2018, the objectives being to make it accessible, geographically, financially and physically; to strengthen the wider community of Dowsers; to create an enjoyable social get together; and, to further the knowledge and experience of dowsing for participants.

Whilst we recognise the great value of BSD events, we were conscious that the majority of our members were "excluded" from them because of the overall cost and distance involved with travelling to them from the SW, hence the idea of providing something more "local." The event has the support of BSD.

BSD holds it's symposium in the Spring and Conference early autumn so we thought it would be fun to do something in the summer near the equinox that also involved camping for those who wished to, hence the idea of a "Festival" in June when the evenings would be at their longest.

To this end South Zeal village seemed an ideal location .....about equidistant from Somerset or Penwith or the North or South coast of Devon.....from a travel time perspective......on the edge of Dartmoor with all its dowsable sites, it has two good pubs, one with a Menhir inside it, the Oxenham Arms, and a stone circle in its beer garden, goodfood and beer ! ......as well as the Kings Arms Inn over the road which has its own camping field and events room. There is also a good village hall. For dowsing groups like your own it would obviously take longer to get there, but we wish to extend the invitation to the event beyond the immediate SW peninsular.

To this end we have booked the South Zeal village hall for Saturday and Sunday 23rd/24th June 2018 and the Kings Arms Inn camping field for that weekend. Local dance and musical entertainment is being explored.....South Zeal is the centre of the Dartmoor folk and folk dance scene as it hosts the Dartmoor folk festival each year.

As well as accessibility being important we also wanted to draw on South West dowsing expertise to lead on site Dartmoor workshops as well as to give talks on dowsing subjects. 

No structure for the two days has been finalised as yet, but it is likely to take the form of a mix of speakers in the Hall and workshops also in the hall for those who could not access Dartmoor, as well as dowsable Dartmoor sites of which there are many, led by a leader with knowledge and experience of dowsing such sites. Archaeology, Earth Energies, Ancient Monuments, Healing and more could be explored.

Please call me on 07730520414 or email myself and or Mandy for any points of clarification. We are in the planning stages for the Festival so if you or your members wish to share any ideas about the organisation or content, we would be very pleased to consider them. We will send out more detailed information about the programme in the new year.

Please would you let your members know about the Dowsing Festival and the dates of the 23/24th June 2018 so that they can put them in their diaries.

All good wishes from Somerset Dowsers and Devon Dowsers. 

Gwynn Paulett

Chairman Devon Dowsers.