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March 2016 to February 2017

Upcoming Events

Monday 21st March Andy Tomlinson ‘‘Dowsing in Past Life and Regression Therapy’’
Andy is a psychology graduate and a director of training for the Past Life Regression Academy. During the last few years he has cleared energy from ancient religious sites and energy portals around the world. He is the author of several books and is known for his absorbing and entertaining talks

Monday 18th April Derek Monk and Geoff Shayler ‘‘Practical Dowsing’’
An evening of practical dowsing work-stations, investigating what happens when a wide range of two and three dimensional objects are dowsed in 3 or more dimensions!' Please bring your favourite rods/pendulums

Monday 16th May Dave Swann ‘‘The Deal Line ’’
Most of us are familiar with the two earth energy alignments crossing Britain, the Michael and Mary Line running between Cornwall and the Suffolk coast and the Belinus Line between the Isle of Wight and the northern tip of Scotland. This talk will introduce you to the Deal Line, an energy alignment running along England’s south coast between the Lizard in Cornwall and Deal in Kent. This was first “discovered” by Bob Cracknell, and as it passes through Dorset we will have an opportunity this summer to dowse this energy line ourselves

Sunday 12th June Peter Knight ‘‘Summer Field Trip - Ancient Stones of Dorset ’’
2016 sees the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Peter’s book “Ancient Stones of Dorset”. To celebrate this he is holding a special event at Knowlton Henge at 11.00 a.m. and has invited us to join him. This will be free of charge to members. Bring a picnic.

Sunday 17th July Gary Biltcliffe ‘‘Summer Field Trip - The Sacred Landscape of Dorchester ’’
Dorchester was once a Neolithic and Bronze Age centre of great importance, with a henge and circle almost as large as Avebury. Gary will guide us on a walking tour through Dorset’s county town, visiting ancient mounds, churches with important historical carvings, leys and hidden places of power. Charge will be £12.00 a head. Start at Poundbury Hillfort, 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. with one hour for lunch, pub or picnic.

Sunday 7th August Dave Swann ‘‘Summer Field Trip - Deal Line ’’
Following Dave’s talk to us in May about the Deal Line, he will be leading us in searching out some locations in Dorset where this alignment can be detected and dowsed. This event will be free of charge.

Details of other walks and visits to interesting sites that will be arranged throughout the summer will be emailed to members.

Sunday 11th September ‘‘Swanage Folk Festival’’
Dowsing tuition available, see Website for details.

Monday 19th September Don Bryan ‘‘Seeing is Believing’’
Don, from Hampshire Archaeological Dowsers will illustrate how dowsing results have been proved to be correct by subsequent geophysical survey and actual excavation. HADs have been working on the site of a 12th century palace built by Henri de Blois using dowsing techniques where nothing of the palace was visible above the ground. Subsequent geophysics and excavations have revealed superb stone foundations of the palace.

Monday 17th October Steve Hawker ‘‘Ancient Mysteries’’
Steve, who is the Treasurer of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group, will present some mysteries surrounding the construction of sites in Egypt which do not stand up to the conventional Archaeological theories. Look out for Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle, Mining of Granite, Crystal Skulls, Brown’s Gas and the reasons why it’s nearly impossible to move a full size snooker table

Monday 21st November Peter Knight ‘‘Ancient Stones of Dorset Revisited – 20th Anniversary Presentation’’
Following the June event at Knowlton, Peter will be making a welcome return to Dorset Dowsers to tell us more about the Ancient Stones twenty years on from the publication of his seminal work

Monday 12th December ‘‘Social and Sharing’’
Bring and share party food... there will be mulled wine and mince pies. Also please come prepared to share a little about your experiences and discoveries during the year.. there is so much we can learn from one another

Monday 16th January 2017Louise Hodgson ‘‘More Secret Places of West Dorset’’
Louise is the author of two fascinating books about little known places in West Dorset, far from the tourist route, many with ancient spiritual significance. It will be an unmissable presentation for all who love exploring our wonderful county

Monday 20th February 2017 AGM –followed by the dowsing DVD ‘Intuition’ by Adrian Incledon Webber

The Dorset Dowsers group is affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers. Members and guests are insured providing that they have signed the visitor’s book for the meeting they attend. Members range from total novices to experienced dowsers and researchers. Meetings are held at Corfe Mullen Village Hall. Towers Way, Corfe Mullen. BH21 3UA. The hall will be open at 7.15pm, with  about half an hour tuition and tea available and talks begins shortly after. If more tuition is requested time will be set aside. The room provides a screen, Wireless Internet Access, multimedia equipment and the usual kitchen and toilet facilities. There is an Assisted Hearing System and wheelchair access. Users are requested to use the Hall car park and not the Co-op car park.
Contacts. Angie: hambeld@aol.com
Jan: 01929 423935
Website: www.dorsetdowsers.org.uk
Dowsing isn’t just used for finding water. It can be used in many aspects of our daily life.

Dowsing Tools? Tea and Tuition.

Dowsing Tools? Tea and Tuition.