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Calendar of Events

Dates for 2018

Corfe Mullen Village Hall has been booked for the following three dates from 7.15 pm - 9.30 pm.

Monday 19th March

Monday 16th April

Monday 21st May 


Upcoming Events

Monday 19th March

Introduction to Dowsing evening.


Monday 16th April

Dorset Dowsers meeting Monday 16th April 2018

Dowsing4Fun with Colin Parker

An evening of demonstrating how dowsing can be fun as well as serious when used for health, chakras’ and energy lines within sites.

Dowsing can be fun when laying your own energy lines by using conscious intent which is ignored by today’s scientists.

More fun during Colin Parker’s demonstration involving mobile phones and how the signal given off from a smoke alarm effects lead sheeting, you’ll never view these two essential everyday items in the same way again!

If time allows we may also have a short session on, "Introduction to Dowsing" for anyone who couldn't make the March meeting due to the weather. 

Saturday May 5th

International Dowsing Day


Monday 21st May




Badbury Rings TBC


Saturday 21st July  

Archaeology event at Winterborne Farringdon with Don Bryan at the Came Estate, near Dorchester.

​Details to follow round about mid June. TBC





Sunday 9th September

Swanage Folk Festival

​We hope to hold our normal Sunday afternoon session in the hall.

Details TBC nearer the date.


Monday 15th October 


Monday 19th November


Monday 10th December